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Wardrobe is a must-have piece of furniture for every bedroom. Below are the types of wardrobes we make using Teak wood and Mahogany wood. A wardrobe can accommodate your clothing, linen, accessories, jewelry, files and other valuables. Therefor our wardrobes come with wooden shelves, Aluminum hanging poles, and pull-out drawers. The inside structure of a wardrobe can be customized according to the customerís storage requirement.

Starting from Single Door, we manufacture wooden wardrobes with any number of doors according to the customerís space and requirement.

Every wardrobe is hand crafted by a traditional Sri Lankan carpenter. Using basic machinery for cutting and sizing timber, the carpenter builds the wardrobe from the sketch to the final product. Once the carpentry work is done, the wardrobe is dismantled and sent to the finishing, where it will be finished by a well-trained crew. Our finishing staff goes through finishing work shop training sessions conducted by leading Sri Lankan wood finishing products suppliers.

Our wardrobes are high quality and built to last. We have a variety of styles and options. Our modular bedroom wardrobes allow you to mix and match sizes and colours to achieve the most from your space. The wardrobe range is a great alternative to fixed bedrooms.

Please note that the below furniture may not be available ready made for sale. You may need to place an order for some designs. Lead time for production will be given according to the current situtaion.
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